Biostimulants in the spotlight at Macfrut 2021

Biostimulants in the spotlight at Macfrut 2021

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Data publicazione: 15 July 2021

The trade fair will feature an international congress, an exhibition area and a new event, the Biosolutions International Award

Key players in the field of natural plant protection and nutrition methods will be gathering at the Macfrut trade fair, to be held as an in-person event from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 September. The Biosolutions International Event, an international exhibition dedicated to companies in the sector and addressed to agricultural entrepreneurs and sector technicians, will be held at the Rimini Expo Centre. The exhibition, which will focus on nutrition and plant protection products of natural origin, will include an exhibition area and an international congress (the Biosolutions International Congress), during which various experiences on a critical issue, i.e. the brown marmorated stink bug, will be discussed.
In addition, a brand new event will take place during Macfrut 2021: the Biosolutions International Award, a recognition that will be awarded to all biosolutions featured at the trade fair that prove to have strong innovative potential. It was conceived to showcase and reward innovations in this extremely important sector, which is set to become increasingly crucial to the agricultural industry, as evidenced by the Green Deal. 
As Camillo Gardini, head of Agri 2000’s Biosolution Project, explains, ‘The Biosolutions Exhibition at Macfrut will be the perfect opportunity for leading sector professionals to get together and examine the innovations that will enable us to protect and nourish our crops in the coming years.’ 
The Biosolutions International Congress, entitled “Brown marmorated stink bug: plant health emergency or problem solved?” is scheduled for Thursday 9 September at 10:00 a.m. This will be the third international congress focusing on these products, following the one hosted in the 2019 edition and the one held last year during Macfrut Digital. 
Speakers will include Luca Casoli - Director of the Phytosanitary Consortium of Modena and Reggio Emilia (The population trends of brown marmorated stink bugs in the last three years and the use of Trissolcus japonicus to control them; the results achieved after two years of releasing the parasitoid), Pietro Castaldini - Technical Manager of the Patfrut Cooperative (The situation in orchards: feasible strategies, results achieved and critical issues), Eric Conti - Professor of General and Applied Entomology at the University of Perugia (The results of four years of research on the brown marmorated stink bug and parasitoids and control prospects), Renzo Bucchi - Scientific Director at Agri 2000 Net (“Push & pull” plant protection strategies. Results of the test activities carried out in 2021 as part of the “SISCCCA” Innovation Plan), Greg Krawczyk - University of Pennsylvania (Controlling the brown marmorated stink bug with “Attract and kill” nets. Results of the testing conducted in the USA), and Pio Federico Roversi - Director of CREA (Prospects of testing to control brown marmorated stink bugs in Italy). Davide Barnabè, Manager at Agri 2000, who will be organising the Biosolutions area in collaboration with Macfrut, will introduce and moderate the event.
Those who intend to participate in the congress will need to register (for a fee of €50) by Friday 3 September. Info: Agri 2000 Net, Tel. +39 051 4128045. Organisational Manager: Roberto Sciolino

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