Guangdong Citrus, Brimming with Freshness and Flavor

Guangdong Citrus, Brimming with Freshness and Flavor

Source: Press Office
Category: Macfrut 2021 Special Edition
Data publicazione: 01 September 2021

Located in the sub-tropical and tropical area, Guangdong province, called “Yue” for short, abounds in light, heat and water resources. Its yields of pineapple, lychee, longan, and bananas all rank high in China. Starting from every September, Guangdong has begun to embrace its citrus season, with flavorful pomelo and mandarin waiting to be tasted.
Guangdong is endowed with advantageous conditions for growing pomelo. The climate and geographical position give the pomelo here unique flavors. With the cultivation field of 43,000 hectares, Guangdong has an annual pomelo output of 950,000 tons, accounting for nearly one fifth of the country's total. Guangdong pomelo mainly grows in three cities: Meizhou city, Shaoguan city, and Zhaoqing city, including two main varieties: honey pomelo and Shatian pomelo. Guangdong pomelo has a refreshingly sweet flavor and is rich in nutrients. Tai Po Honey Pomelo not only boasts a beautiful shape, tender pulp, and nice flavors, it is also packed with selenium, which makes it a healthy choice. It is no wonder that this treat from Guangdong has been listed in the China-EU Agreement on Geographical Indications. Guangdong Shunxing Planting and Breeding Co., Ltd. has gained the Global G.A.P. certification, and the pomelo they exported for the last fifteen years has enjoyed wide popularity among international consumers. 
Deqing Tribute Mandarin, another type of citrus Guangdong willing to offer, has alluring aromas, juicy pulp, as well as eye-pleasing golden thin peel. The word “Deqing” in its name indicates its place of origin, Deqing county, also its major producing area. Deqing county started to grow this special mandarin on a large scale since Tang dynasty (618 CE-907 CE). In Song dynasty, when Chao Kou, the emperor Gaozong of Song, came to the county and tasted it, he spoke of it in glowing terms. After that, the Deqing mandarin became a tribute to emperors and soon gained its name as “Deqing Tribute Mandarin”. Its season starts from every November. Not only is it well-known in Guangdong, Deqing Tribute Mandarin has recently come into the global market. TOPCP Eco-agriculture Co. Ltd grows organic Deqing Tribute Mandarin and is eager to provide this healthy and delicious fruit to the world.
Guangdong Sinolychee Agricultural Group Co., Ltd and HOYUET Import & Export Co., Ltd, are international agricultural trade companies in Guangdong. All the exhibitors from Guangdong province boast export qualifications. They have brought Guangdong's healthy fruits and vegetables and high-quality processed products to the world for years. Except for the circus above, this time, they also bring to international buyers tastes from Guangdong, including pineapple, dragon fruit, kiwi, mango, longan, mushroom, cucumber, aubergine, and also lychee wine.
Chinese fruits and vegetables will offer real delights for your taste buds. Find out more surprises at Macfrut Digital (September 6th -9th). National pavilion of China-Agri waits for you to explore!

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