Macfrut Digital Video Award

Macfrut Digital Video Award

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Data publicazione: 26 Febuary 2021

Here are the 14 videos selected by the jurors. The names of the 5 finalists to be announced on Monday, 1 March on

The three jurors have chosen the 5 finalist videos of the Macfrut Digital Video Award contest. Their names and videos will be posted online on the platform from Monday, 1 March. From that date until 30 April, all users registered on the platform will be able to vote for the finalist videos and will have the chance to win a voucher for two people to spend three nights at the Grand Hotel in Rimini on the occasion of Macfrut 2021, to be held from 7 to 9 September at the Rimini Expo Centre.


Macfrut Digital, the virtual trade fair that took place in September 2020, not only innovated the way the fruit and vegetable sector does business, but also changed the way it communicates. In fact, the exhibitors created short corporate videos lasting 58 seconds, for a fast, simple and effective means of communication.


‘As soon as we realised that the exhibitors had made high-quality videos,’ explains Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut, ‘we came up with the idea of looking at them from a different angle: not so much from a business perspective, but rather from a comprehensive communication perspective, focusing on their evocative and emotional power. This is why we chose a jury of communication experts who are not from our industry.’


But how did the Macfrut Digital Video Award process unfold?

Out of the 530 videos submitted by the exhibitors, 80 were selected by a panel of experts and shown individually to the three judges: director Enrico Vanzina, actress Cecilia Dazzi, and Rai journalist Adele Ammendola. Each of the judges selected their favourite 10 videos, and by combining their suggestions, a shortlist of 14 videos was drawn up: Coop, Consorzio Bestack, Ghelfi, Granada La Palma, Ilip, International Paper, New Factor, Opera, Prochile, Rp Circuiti, San Lidano, Selenella, Sorma and Zespri.

Out of these, the 5 finalist videos were chosen, which will be online from next Monday.


Also from Monday, 1 March, users of will be able to pick the winner. The award ceremony will be held at Macfrut 2021 (from 7 to 9 September). The company whose video has received the most votes from users will get a free “virtual stand” at Macfrut Digital 2021. A winner will be drawn from among all the voters and will receive a free voucher for two people to spend three nights at the Grand Hotel in Rimini.



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