The Macfrut Digital Video Award kicks off

The Macfrut Digital Video Award kicks off

Source: Press Office
Category: Macfrut 2021 Special Edition
Data publicazione: 08 January 2021

First 20 videos selected for the contest now online

All is set for the Macfrut Digital Video Award. Starting on Monday 11 January, the first 20 videos that have been selected for the contest, which is unprecedented on a global scale for this industry, will be posted on the platform. During this first phase, they will be assessed by three distinguished figures from the worlds of cinema and journalism: director Enrico Vanzina, actress Cecilia Dazzi, and Rai journalist Adele Ammendola.

The following 20 videos will be the first to be put online: Consorzio Melinda, Unitec, Zespri, Cora Seeds, Consorzio Bestack, AlgaEnergy, Chunkai’s Team, Consorzio Funghi di Treviso, Bali Organik Subak, Infia, Violì, Coldiretti Emilia-Romagna, DCS Tramaco, Van Iperen, Idromeccanica Lucchini, La Linea Verde, Urbinati, Frutmac, Consorzio Agribologna and Finana.
These videos will be available until Sunday 17 January, after which another series of 20 videos will be posted. The jury will assess the five finalist videos on the basis of three criteria: effectiveness, aesthetics and innovation.
Then, from 1 March to 30 April, it will be up to users who are registered on the platform to decide who will be the winner by voting for one of the five finalists. The award ceremony will be held at Macfrut 2021.

The contest kicks off with a trailer video illustrating the initiative:

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