Video Award: online now the last group of 20 videos

Video Award: online now the last group of 20 videos

Source: Press Office
Category: Macfrut 2021 Special Edition
Data publicazione: 29 January 2021

The last group of 20 videos will be online starting from 1 February.

The first part of the Macfrut Digital video Award wraps up with the publication of the last 20 videos: the contest dedicated to the most original videos in the fruit and vegetable supply chain. The videos will be available on the platform starting from Monday 1 February until Sunday 7 February.

These are the selected videos now online: OP Primo Sole - Dolce Lucano, Icoel, Brio, Etichettificio LGL, Favorita Bananas, Sermac, Gobbi Frutta, Rivoira, ITC – She Trades, Oranfrizer, L’insalata dell’Orto, Futura, Ortomercato, Polymer Logistics, Thai Sun, Selenella, Ageon, Sal Frutta, Ilip, Sipo.

With this last group, the jury members Enrico Vanzina (film director), Cecilia Dazzi (actress) and Adele Ammendola (journalist) have at their disposal all the 80 videos in competition. Their verdict will lead to the choice of 5 top videos, with the possibility for the public to vote their favourite in a second phase, from 1 March to 30 April. The award ceremony will be held at Macfrut 2021.

This last group is also followed by a trailer that puts together the 20 videos selected:

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