Video Award: published the second group in competition

Video Award: published the second group in competition

Source: Press Office
Category: Macfrut 2021 Special Edition
Data publicazione: 15 January 2021

From 18 January, 20 new videos selected for the contest will be visible on the platform.

The Macfrut Digital Video Award carries on: the contest that has its spotlight on the fruit and vegetable industry depicted through the most original videos. On the second group of videos selected for the contest will be available starting from 18 January until Sunday 24 January.

The companies are the following: Spreafico, Fertenia, Graziani Packaging, Opera, Sorma Group, Coop, Cia – Agricoltori Italiani, Prochile, Maf Roda, Arance Speciale, RP Circuiti, Montini, VIP, Coviro, IILA – Organizzazione internazionale italo-latino americana, Ghelfi Ondulati, Coop Sole, Cosec, Idroterm Serre, L’Orto di Eleonora.
The videos are being examined by three acclaimed names of the filmmaking and journalism industry: Enrico Vanzina (film director), Cecilia Dazzi (actress) and Adele Ammendola (journalist). The jury will proclaim 5 top videos on the basis of their efficiency, aesthetic and innovation.
Then, from 1 March to 30 April, it will be up to users who are registered on the platform to decide who will be the winner by voting for one of the five finalists. The award ceremony will be held at Macfrut 2021.
This second group of videos is also followed by a trailer video that illustrates the several initiatives:

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